Thursday, April 29, 2010

25 things I love & hate about facebook

1. conversation intruders
2. Invitations to places you dont even live near.
3. how facebook decides to change every 5 seconds.
4. farmville, no comment.
5. seeing everything your friends right.
6. those pictures that you get tagged in that say "write a memory of you and me".
7. invitations to lame facebook games.
8. having people you dont share mutual friends with add you.
9. receiving messages from potential pedomonster.
10.seeing whos friends with who, i dont care.
11. seeing that facebook reommended person in the right hand corner,someone who you do not want to "catch up" with nor see their picture.
12. reading a ridiculously stupid status, that makes you feel retarded for that person.
13. theres always a possibility you will get 1000 notifications after just like or comment on someones status.
14. those weird things that people post on your wall where they "just answered a secret question about you." and if you click on it, you dont even get to see there answers, just a waste of time.
15. when people write there whole damn like on facebook, from dawn to sunset.
16. poking on facebook is just gay.
17. facebook makes tings official.
18. how addiciting facebook is, especially when you have hw to do or studying.
19. when your bored out of your mind, and nobody has posted anything intersting to distract you.
20. those chain messages on facebook, where alot of people can respond too, and that conversation never ends. so you constantly see a red little square there until you click on it.
21. when someones profile is on private; someones who you REALLY want to see but do not want to add.
22. when people edit ALL their damn photos on facebook, its obvious.
23. when someone affears to be offline and just when you click on them to chat with them, facebooks says their offline.
24. how people post their horoscopes.
25. top friends, more like top stalkers.
26. or those apps that say "find out whos stalking our profile."
27. people who use facebook alot but only have 2 or 3 pictures on facebook.

1. having a place to put all my pictures.
2. finding friends who have moved away or you have forgotten about.
3. having a way to keep in touch with people, that is easier and funner than email or instant message.
4. joining a bunch of groups that you really didnt think about people "go through" or say too.
5. seeing who joins the group, to see who shares things in common with you, even if their weird.
6. occasionally, someones status has a quote thats not too cheesy and actually makes sense.
7. if someone deletes their comment or wallpost, you can just check your email to find out what they said, since facebook sends it to your email aswell.
8. having met someone that is now your really close friend, thanks to facebook.
9. not having to worry about changing your background or "pimping out" your page, like myspace let us do.
10. having the option to put things on private, or block people, and they can never see anything you do agian.
11. being able to join groups for college, so you can get to know the people who are algo going there or looking at possible roomates.
12. tagging people in your status, so now, if you were too lazy to go to their wall you can just write to them on facebook's home page.
13. being able to tag friends in photos, so you dont have to send them to them, they will appear on their page aswell.
14. some event request are acceptable, if you live in the area, so you know whats going on incase you have nothing to do.
15. having the option to go offline on facebook chat, so you dont have to worry about logging into facebook if you dont want to talk to someone.
16. when you want to search for a friend, now you can just start typing in the first few letters of their name and facebook will bring it up for you.
17. receiving bumper stickers that are actually funny or true.
18. receiving a friend request that you havnt heard from in forever.
19. just having a way to express yourself.
20. having something to do when your bored.
21. being able to delete what people post are what you post.
22. globalizing a little bit. :)

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