Thursday, April 29, 2010

25 things I love & hate about facebook

1. conversation intruders
2. Invitations to places you dont even live near.
3. how facebook decides to change every 5 seconds.
4. farmville, no comment.
5. seeing everything your friends right.
6. those pictures that you get tagged in that say "write a memory of you and me".
7. invitations to lame facebook games.
8. having people you dont share mutual friends with add you.
9. receiving messages from potential pedomonster.
10.seeing whos friends with who, i dont care.
11. seeing that facebook reommended person in the right hand corner,someone who you do not want to "catch up" with nor see their picture.
12. reading a ridiculously stupid status, that makes you feel retarded for that person.
13. theres always a possibility you will get 1000 notifications after just like or comment on someones status.
14. those weird things that people post on your wall where they "just answered a secret question about you." and if you click on it, you dont even get to see there answers, just a waste of time.
15. when people write there whole damn like on facebook, from dawn to sunset.
16. poking on facebook is just gay.
17. facebook makes tings official.
18. how addiciting facebook is, especially when you have hw to do or studying.
19. when your bored out of your mind, and nobody has posted anything intersting to distract you.
20. those chain messages on facebook, where alot of people can respond too, and that conversation never ends. so you constantly see a red little square there until you click on it.
21. when someones profile is on private; someones who you REALLY want to see but do not want to add.
22. when people edit ALL their damn photos on facebook, its obvious.
23. when someone affears to be offline and just when you click on them to chat with them, facebooks says their offline.
24. how people post their horoscopes.
25. top friends, more like top stalkers.
26. or those apps that say "find out whos stalking our profile."
27. people who use facebook alot but only have 2 or 3 pictures on facebook.

1. having a place to put all my pictures.
2. finding friends who have moved away or you have forgotten about.
3. having a way to keep in touch with people, that is easier and funner than email or instant message.
4. joining a bunch of groups that you really didnt think about people "go through" or say too.
5. seeing who joins the group, to see who shares things in common with you, even if their weird.
6. occasionally, someones status has a quote thats not too cheesy and actually makes sense.
7. if someone deletes their comment or wallpost, you can just check your email to find out what they said, since facebook sends it to your email aswell.
8. having met someone that is now your really close friend, thanks to facebook.
9. not having to worry about changing your background or "pimping out" your page, like myspace let us do.
10. having the option to put things on private, or block people, and they can never see anything you do agian.
11. being able to join groups for college, so you can get to know the people who are algo going there or looking at possible roomates.
12. tagging people in your status, so now, if you were too lazy to go to their wall you can just write to them on facebook's home page.
13. being able to tag friends in photos, so you dont have to send them to them, they will appear on their page aswell.
14. some event request are acceptable, if you live in the area, so you know whats going on incase you have nothing to do.
15. having the option to go offline on facebook chat, so you dont have to worry about logging into facebook if you dont want to talk to someone.
16. when you want to search for a friend, now you can just start typing in the first few letters of their name and facebook will bring it up for you.
17. receiving bumper stickers that are actually funny or true.
18. receiving a friend request that you havnt heard from in forever.
19. just having a way to express yourself.
20. having something to do when your bored.
21. being able to delete what people post are what you post.
22. globalizing a little bit. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

water pollution

Pure Water in short supply. Water, as we know, it crucial for every human being out there. Nonetheless, there are thousands who not only have no access to clean water but instead the water contact that is there, is only being contaminated more by careless neighbors around the world. However, the big question here is, is there anything us humans can do to reduce or even stop the grimy water that is consumed.

One in five humans does not have access to filtered water. Dirty water can affect a human by infecting our body's with parasites and bacteria that is unnecessary to our immune system. Thus, given the fact that water is a vital ingredient to every day life, accompanied by the fact that pure water hardly exist in many regions of the world, and still nobody has made a significant change? However, it could be possible that many people are unaware of the infected water that is being swallowed by other beings. For example, in the 33 poorest countries, 60% of the urban populations have access to clean drinking water but only 20% of rural people do. Therefore, it would only be human to open the eyes of others and allow awareness to come in. This is where the governments of the world, or high voices, should step in and put there “power” to good use.

Water pollution is a prominent environmental problem witnessed around the world and back. It usually comes when pollutants drain into rivers, streams, lakes, and any other body of water. Even rain water can wash the particles into water bodies. Thus, if even natural causes are negatively affecting water pollution, then that only gives more reason to try and reduce the amount of water pollution in ways in which humans can control it. Fortunately, there are many potential solutions. Some may be promising and others a little more challenging. However, there are many things you can do. For example, you can: Avoid using excessive amounts of fertilizers and pesticides on lawns, do not fertilize when it is going to rain, do not dump dirt in the street, pick up litter which can injure wildlife if it enters lakes, rivers and streams, remove and properly dispose of pet waste, which contains dangerous bacteria that can create public health concerns if it enters water bodies, and never dump chemicals or fluids from cars down gutters, drains or sewers.

Every year millions of tons of plastic litter and discarded. Fishing nets entangle underwater species, leading them to a slow death. This happens, for the most part, in coastal areas, where the highest concentrations of human activities occur. The truth is, that hundreds of millions of tons of hazardous wastes are dumped in landfills, lagoons, and underground tanks, which eventually leads to the ocean (ex: the sewer). Thus, beautiful beaches that are greatly valued to people cannot survive under these conditions forever. People need to grasp the fact that their favorite tourist beach spot may not remain picture perfect for as long as they desire it to. Even more, people need to understand that they can make a difference and that their favorite beach does not have to turn into rubbish. Instead, picking up their trash after they leave or even as simple as turning off the faucet when you’re done brushing, can leave a lighter impact on the world’s quantity of dirty water.

There are countless, effortless ways in which people can help diminish the amount of water pollution this planet holds. People do not even have to put in all their money into a project like this one. Simply, people should be enabled to become more educated in ghastly facts about water pollution. In other words, prevention is key. Not to forget, the water this planet holds, even though we might be drinking purified water now, who knows, later we could be all fighting for the last drop of sanitary drinking water. Thus, a change should be made now before prevention is no longer an option.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I really enjoyed watching the class's commericials.. it really gave me a chance to see how creative they could be. However, I am looking forward to watching the videos from the ASOMEX peeps. Nonetheless, I have to say that I really liked Heathers video the most mostly because it is very entertaining and it makes me laugh until I cry... which is always fun. The song she choose is also a very popular catchy song and goes well with her "so you think you can dance" video. Not to mention, that show is one of my fav's. Unfortunately, I do feel that the class in one way lacked some creavitity in that one group of friends decided to do all of their commercials on Mastercard. Even though they turned out good, I still think they should have diversified their ideas. Lastly, I thought my commericial was what I wanted. However, I would have (if i had time and the skill) imporved the music and where exactly I wanted it to cut off or start.. that was a tricky part. Anyways, it was very fun! :)

got milk? from markpicketts on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

new technology

My reaction to the video left me with a stunned look on my face. I cannot believe that that technology actually exists right now, in my life time. However, just because it left me in shock, I do not think I would want this technology, especially not now. This is because I do not believe this technology is necessary at this time. It looks handy and everything but I would definitely not spend a great deal of money on something that is not essential to everyday life and in a way scares me a bit. I am almost certain that my life can continue without having everything at the control of my fingertips.

The greatest parts of technology is that students do not have to spend hours and hours in a library searching for their information. I feel so lucky that my generation does not have to do that, instead computers come along and made life 1000 times easier. Not just that but also they have made computers portable and all different sizes. This is also extremely helpful and in my life it is necessary.Technology has also shown up for the better living in ipods and television. These things keep us entertained and connected with other countries. On the other hand, when technology gets too high-tech and way out there (like the video we saw), thats when I say no thank you and try not to think about how fast technology is developing. Just when you think it cannot get any "better", they come up with something that blows your mind. However, the new 6th sense technology blew my mind but in a mind opening way and not in a "I have to go buy that as soon as its on the market" way.

# paragraph 3 - at the end he says that it is quite cheap to make and that he will be sharing his software - Open Source. In your own words what does open source mean? What have you used that is "Open Source", what do you think are the pros and cons of sharing software in this way.

I really don't understand what he meant by Open Source. However, my best guess would be that he is telling us that since his product wont be VERY expensive (which I still believe to be expensive) that all people will be able to use it and afford it. However, open source could also mean that this technology will enable us to connect with everything else that we could not connect with before. This open source is another way of saying that it will "open us to everything." However, the pros to this would simply be the fact that everyone can have their necessities at the tip of literally their fingertips and well everything is even more easier than it was. On the other hand, I believe that too much communication exists and that if someone were to send too much personal information with others the world con encounter even more serious problems (even more than we have) !

Monday, February 8, 2010

video commerical

: What elements are you going to use in your commercial? What challenges are you expecting to face in this project.

The commercials displayed below were for the most part entertaining. The one about the Mac was able to keep my attention because of the humorous way in which it provided information. However, the safe sex commerical was very funny however I have seen it several time. Nonetheless it is a very good commerical given that it keeps your attention and is a very simply, short commericial. However, not only funny commericials "get to me". There are many that do not use humor thay in one way or another leave me with some fort of a message. For example, the animal cruelty video really hits me hard; it makes me cry almost everytime. This could be because of the sad music to go alone with horrible pictures they display or simply because I have a soft spot for animals. Here is the link :

In my Got Milk? commericial I am planning (if I stick to this idea) to use alot of milk and several positive milk benefits/facts. However, I find that filming it should be rather easy and fun but the editing I think I will have more dificulty with. Not to mention, I think I am going to have trouble having the commericial last 30 seconds; maybe it will be a little less than that. Nonetheless, I hope to contribute a humorous feeling to my commericial and have it be fun to create. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i cant believe that a girl would kill herself because of a stupid naked photo. i mean number one i could never imagine hurting myself but i mean that bullying must have been pretty severe to drive someone to take their life away. not to mention, Jessica looked like a pretty normal girl and for her not to be able to say eff that its my last year in high school and everything is gonna blow over eventually.... relaly makes you think about how bad the bullying actually was. i used to go to school in the states and i remmeber but since i did not experience high school over there i cant only imagine how badly bullying has evolved from one building to another.. anyways, i hope all those douche bags who bullied her are now sorry as hell and will think twice next time...

As for the law suit agianst the school by her parents, i think that is it only normal for that to happen. the parents are obviously going through a hard time and ONLY that family will truly be able to have any idea of what their daughter went through.... so if they feel a law suit is neccesary to try and put some justice towards their daughters death then they should go for it. Maybe the school that their daughter went to really could have done more. However, if they dont have responable belief that the school really couldnt have done much then the suit seems uncessary. If anything they should go agianst the people who spread the picture around and caused their daughter interminable distress.

the end :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

videoooo :)

I like this idea because I did it in 8th grade and although i dont remember exactly how to make it, I think with a couple lessons i could remember... i think it would be a fun idea as long as it wouldnt get too complicated and really just be for the fun of it because making videos can be very entertaining... I have an idea to do maybe like an advertising for Got Milk? but make it very exaggerated and funny but im not sure about that... and i would be working with heather and maybe just random people.